• APRIL 12 National Young People Day OFF! 
  • The entire month(s) of APRIL & AUGUST is Young People’s Awareness Month(s) where we raise awareness and celebrate Children, Teens and Young Adults, ages 1 day to 30yrs of age.
  • Young People’s Awareness Month(s) are a chance for active and non-active Parents to reconnect or bond with their child(ren) through Young People’s Month Community Activities.
  • To recognize the contributions of Children, Teens & Young Adults make to their communities.
  • To increases visibility about the difficulty Young People have dealing with societal influences.
  • To increases awareness about majority of households with children are being reared by a single parent. (84% – 2017)
  • To educate Teens & Young Adults more about contraception and the consequences of unprotected sex that can lead to the spread of STD’s, abortions, unwanted pregnancies, committing their unwanted child into the foster care system.
  • To raise Awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle which can lead to a happy state of well-being emotionally, physically & psychologically.
  • To motivate Children, Teens & Young Adults in taking better care of their Health, Fitness and Education.
  • To raise awareness about increased physical & mental abuse, neglect, incest, rape by family members, friends and/or strangers. Also increased alcohol and substance abuse by minors.
  • To raise awareness about more young people dropping out of school, the rise in youth homelessness and  suicides as a result of extreme bullying, juvenile delinquency, hunger, negative stereotyping.