Young People Awareness Month – JUVY WEEK – August 1 to August 7
During this week, we acknowledge JUVENILES that will be released back into society again one day.
*To show JUVENILES acts of kindness for just “1 WEEK” out of 52 in the year, “7 days out of 365 days”.
This initiative helps Juveniles that suffer psychologically & physically from:
*Thoughts of HATE they feel of themselves or for others
*Thoughts of PAIN & HURT that may have forced them into decisions that led to incarceration.
*Thoughts of suicide
*To help educate JUVENILES about the many other paths they can choose from while making their way through the rest of their own LIVES.
*To find better solutions to disciplining children
*To increase support for parents and/or guardians of juveniles.
To increase parenting education for parents, guardians & grandparents of ALL AGES.
Gifts – Basic necessities but ALL children in selected Centers must receive. Must be ALL or none. So we work to support ALL in any given center. Example Detention Center has 300 children – 300 children must receive t-shirts or money in their accounts, etc.
Commissary money – Many children incarcerated for minor infractions do not have anyone to visit nor deposit $1 for them to buy anything. During JUVY WEEK children residing at selected Detention Centers will receive a one time $10. deposit. For many that will be all they get for however long they are detained.
Motivational speakers – Volunteers in cooperation & permission from officials at selected detention centers will assemble the children in an appropriate space to speak to them about options while motivating them to make better choices and more importantly motivating them to not taking their own lives.

For more about JUVY WEEK, click here