Young People’s Month Events Hempstead Village, New York 2019

Thanks Principal Diaz Of Marshall School, Hempstead Village, NY for helping to raise awareness about the Importance for Your Students to take better care of their Health & Fitness. Citations were issued for Young People’s Awareness Month from Nassau County Executive Laura Curran & Hempstead Village Mayor Don Ryan.

FREE Transportation for STUDENTS 26yrs of age and under

STUDENTS 26yrs of age and under     VOTE Today

  • FREE Public transportation cards for students 26yrs of age and under during school months.
  • FREE Public transportation cards for students used only during school days.
  • Students must present ID / age verification when requested by Public Bus Operators and / or Law Enforcement.
  • FREE Public transportation cards are for use by students that attend the following types of Schools; Academic, Vocational and/or Religious education or Instruction, Higher education, and Institutions for the education and/or training of the mentally or physically handicapped.
  • FREE Public transportation eases the financial burden upon students, parents and/or guardians.
  • FREE Public transportation Students in temporary housing attends school in the same district where they are temporarily housed, then they can get the same FREE transportation as their permanently housed peers
  • Students will no longer be ARRESTED or EMBARRASSED for not having money to pay for their fare to get home from school.
  • Students will no longer miss a day from school because of their FREE Public Transportation Cards.
  • Increased participation in after-school sports and activities because the Students have a FREE Public Transportation Card to get home if they miss the school bus.
  • FREE Public Transportation cards for Students are given their own color and design for easy STUDENT identification, and not to be shared by other members of the family.

Day 9, Week 2 Young People 3K Walk

Day 9, Week 2, I walk 3K’s during the month of APRIL for ALL “Young People” including those locked up in correctional institutions! Young People’s Awareness Month”, Children, Teens and Young Adults, under 26yrs of age!