Day 9, Week 2 Young People 3K Walk

Day 9, Week 2, I walk 3K’s during the month of APRIL for ALL “Young People” including those locked up in correctional institutions! Young People’s Awareness Month”, Children, Teens and Young Adults, under 26yrs of age!

Day 8 Week 2 Young People 3K Walk

“Young People’s Month
Day 8, Week 2, Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, New York 3K Walk”. Walking 3K‘s everyday to gain support for APRIL to be officially declared “Young People Awareness Month”, annually! 🙂 (Children, Teens and Young Adults)


3K Walk Saturday and Sunday

Walking every weekend in APRIL for Young People Awareness Month, if anyone would like to join us, would be nice, its less than an hour then you can go back home. 🙂 This week walking at Eisenhower Park, 1899 Park Boulevard, Westbury, / East Meadow – Hempstead Turnpike) New york SATURDAY & SUNDAY, let’s meet at the duck pond. Starting at 10am sharp!


Thank you Flagstaff, Arizona

Thank you Mayor Coral Evans – Flagstaff, ARIZONA USA said YES, YOUNG PEOPLE are important enough to have The whole month of APRIL dedicated to them! Young People Awareness Month! (Children, Teens and Young Adults)! Gabriel Hodges aka Gabriel Grey did the honors of being present for the proclamation in Flagstaff, Arizona!