National Young People Day OFF


Mission: To give Children, Teens & Young Adults ages (1 day to 30yrs Of Age) – Future Leaders, Business Owners and Celebrities a “ME DAY”, a day of taking care of SELF! A day of fun through games and sports competitions while raising awareness about the importance for them to take care of their Health, Fitness and Education.

“Young People’s Day”  This day every year serves as motivation for TEENs & Young Adults to Begin, Get or Go: (Health permitting).

  • Back to school (For those that haven’t finished or started – options)
  • Doctor check up (under 18 parents permission)
  • Dentist Check up (under 18 parents permission)
  • Eat Healthier
  • Exercise, etc.
  • Your body is like your own car, you have to take care of your vehicle that takes you through your life. It’s need to be kept clean, fed with healthy foods & beverages so the inside machinery will remain well oiled and functioning to allow you to walk, run, talk, and a whole lot of other things. 

Young People Fun Day 1st event 2016 to gave TEENs & Young Adults, Future Leaders, Business Owners and Celebrities a day to begin or continue taking better care of YOUR SELF, YOUR Health, Fitness and Education through Fun Games & Competitions, prizes and awards.